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What’s the Most Popular Halloween Treat in Your State?

Captain Americas, Elsas, Supermans and Maleficents will pound the pavement across the country tonight, all hoping to net the biggest trick-or-treating candy haul.
A new map from Sumo Coupon reveals the most popular Halloween

treats in every state this year, using a not-so-scientific — but still interesting — method:

In order to determine which candy stood out in search volumes for each state, we analyzed Google Search Volumes. To determine the specific winner in each state, we used Google Trends, which gives scores out of 100 for the popularity of a single search term. Some states had more than one candy with a score of 100, and since we could only choose one candy per state, we chose the candy that was more unique (for example, if apples and peanut butter cups were tied for 100, but peanut butter cups were already present in other states, we went with apples for that state).

Image source:
Image source:
It looks like Reese’s Pieces, candy corn and Kit Kat bars are the most popular sweet treats — trick-or-treaters in nine states are most likely to munch on one of those three.
But some young goblins and ghouls out west might not be so rowdy from sugar highs: in New Mexico, the most popular Halloween “treat” is a pencil. And in Washington state? Well, trick-or-treaters there better like oranges.

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