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Medical Expert Suffers Heart Attack During Live TV Interview

A doctor being interviewed on a popular television show in Turkey suffered a series of heart attack live on the air Tuesday.
Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News website posted video of the program “Healthy Living” featuring Dr. Ugur Yansel, an orthopedist and professor, who was talking about flat feet in children when he felt a jolt in his chest.
After the first pain struck him, the doctor — reported to be in his late 50s — said he thought he was having a problem with his pacemaker.
Dr. Ugur Yansel was discussing flat feet when the first jolt of chest pain hit him. (Image source: YouTube)
“Are you feeling well, professor?” the host asked, suggesting he have some water.
Yansel took a sip and then the pain struck again, sending him into the backrest of the couch with the intensity, his left hand reaching for his chest.
After sipping water, the doctor experienced another shock of pain and raised his hand to his chest. (Image source: YouTube)
Throughout the incident, the show’s host displayed remarkable composure and calmly — and with a smile — cut to a commercial break .
“It’s time to take care of our doctor now, and the commercials,” she said, according to Hurriyet.
Host Arzu Kılıc kept professionally cool and composed despite the unexpected turn in the televised segment. (Image source: YouTube)
According to the Turkish news site, Yansel had actually suffered three heart attacks, including a third backstage. He was hospitalized and in stable condition.
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