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The Video of a Tense Interview Bill Cosby Wanted ‘Scuttled’ and Strongly Requested ‘Not Appear Anywhere’

Video of an earlier interview Bill Cosby conducted with the Associated Press was released Wednesday, despite the actor firmly requesting that the news outlet not publish the footage.
In the Nov. 6 interview, Cosby, who was seated next to his wife, is pressed by an AP reporter about allegations of sexual assault.
“There is no comment about that, and I’ll tell you why,” Cosby said. “I don’t want to compromise your integrity, but I don’t talk about it.”

After the interview concluded, Cosby, still wearing a lapel microphone, requested the footage be “scuttled.”
“Now, can I get something from you?” he asked the reporter.
“What’s that?” the reporter replied.
“That none of that will be shown,” Cosby said.
The reporter said he could not make that promise, but would talk to his editor. Cosby, however, continued with his request.
“I know I didn’t say anything, but I’m asking your integrity that since I didn’t want to say anything, but I did answer you, in terms of I don’t want to say anything, of what value would it have?” the famed actor asked.
“And I would appreciate it if it was scuttled,” Cosby added.

“I hear you. I will tell that to my editors,” the reporter replied.
“Well, I think if you want to consider yourself to be serious — that it will not appear anywhere,” Cosby said.
“And we thought, by the way, because it was AP, that it wouldn’t be necessary to go over that question with you,” he continued, adding that he “thought AP had the integrity to not ask.” Following the exchange, Cosby then instructed his representative to “immediately” get on the phone with the AP reporter’s supervisor to handle the situation.
“And I think you need to get on the phone with his person — immediately,” he said.
In a statement posted online, the AP said Wednesday they “reviewed” the footage and “made the decision to publish his full reaction to questions about the claims.” The news outlet noted in the video package showing the interview that there was no agreement any part of it would be off-the-record.

Actress Janice Dickinson became the third woman in recent weeks to allege she’d been assaulted by Cosby when she told “Entertainment Tonight” Tuesday that she was sexually assaulted by the comic in 1982. Cosby’s lawyer said Dickinson’s charges are “false and outlandish.”
The developments, which involve allegations that were widely reported on a decade ago as well as new accusations, have threatened the 77-year-old comedian’s reputation as America’s TV dad at a time when he was launching a comeback.
On Wednesday, TV Land announced they would stop airing reruns of “The Cosby Show.” NBC also scrapped a comedy that was under development.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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