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A Nativity Will Soon Grace This Public Park — but Atheists Have a Plan to Hit Back at the Key Christmas Symbol

Atheists in Illinois are taking direct aim at Christmas by posting numerous public displays in an effort to combat nativity scenes and other religious sentiment.
“Once again this year, the non-religious will have a voice in the Chicago area countering the religious symbolism widely present on public property during the the month of December,” reads a press release from the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Metropolitan Chicago Chapter.
The group has posted a large, illuminated scarlet “A” along with banners celebrating the winter solstice and the Bill of Rights in Chicago’s Daley Center Plaza.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Metropolitan Chicago Chapter/Facebook
The organization also collaborated with the Chicago Coalition of Reason to unveil a separate set of messages over the weekend inside North School Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
The atheist displays will outnumber religious symbols intended to commemorate the Christmas holiday, according to the press release from the the secular group’s Metropolitan Chicago Chapter.
Among the messages will be a banner that asks, “Are you good without God? Millions are!” as well as a smaller version of the illuminated scarlet “A.”
The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Metropolitan Chicago Chapter/Facebook
This isn’t the first time atheists have used this tactic in an effort to counter Christmas symbolism.
TheBlaze reported last year about a giant “A” and an anti-Christmas banner that was posted in Chicago’s Daley Plaza. It is unclear if the displays in Arlington Heights are new this year.
As previously reported, the nativity has been displayed at Daley Plaza since 1985 when the “God Squad,” a group of locals, advocated its placement at the site. Every year, these individuals volunteer their time to both assemble and disassemble the display.
(H/T: Friendly Atheist)

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