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Indian Health Professions Preparatory, Indian Health Professions Pre-Graduate and Indian Health Professions Scholarship Programs Announcement Type: Initial

1. Award Notices
It is anticipated that recipients applying for extension of their scholarship funding will be notified in writing during the first week of June 2015 and new applicants will be notified in writing during the first week of July 2015. An Award Letter will be issued to successful applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing, which will include a brief explanation of the reason(s) the application was not successful and provide the name of the IHS official to contact if more information is desired.
2. Administrative and National Policy Requirements
Regulations at 42 CFR 136.304 provide that the IHS shall, from time to time, publish a list of allied health professions eligible for consideration for the award of IHS Indian Health Professions Preparatory and Pre-graduate Scholarships and IHS Indian Health Professions Scholarships. Section 104(b)(1) of the IHCIA, 25 U.S.C. 1613a(b)(1), authorizes the IHS to determine the distribution of scholarships among the health professions.
Awards for the Indian Health Professions Scholarships will be made in accordance with 42 CFR 136.330-136.334. Awardees shall incur a service obligation prescribed under the IHCIA, Section 1613a(b), which shall be met by service, through full-time clinical practice:
(1) In the IHS;
(2) In a program conducted under a contract or compact entered into under the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (93) and its amendments;
(3) In a program assisted under Title V of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (94) and its amendments; or
(4) In a private practice option of his or her profession if the practice (a) is situated in a health professional shortage area, designated in regulations promulgated by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Secretary) and (b) addresses the health care needs of a substantial number (75% of the total served) of Indians as determined by the Secretary in accordance with guidelines of the Service.
Pursuant to the IHCIA Section 1613a(b)(3)(C), an awardee of an IHS Health Professions Scholarship may, at the election of the awardee, meet his/her service obligation prescribed under IHCIA Section 1613a(b) by a program specified in options (1)-(4) above that:
(i) Is located on the reservation of the Tribe in which the awardee is enrolled; or
(ii) Serves the Tribe in which the awardee is enrolled, if there is an open vacancy available in the discipline for which the awardee was funded under the IHS Health Professions Scholarship during the required 90-day placement period.
In summary, all awardees of the Indian Health Professions Scholarship are reminded that acceptance of this scholarship will result in a service obligation required by both statute and contract, which must be performed, through full-time clinical practice, at an approved service payback facility. The IHS Director (Director), reserves the right to make final decisions regarding assignment of scholarship recipients to fulfill their service obligation.
Moreover, the Director, has the authority to make the final determination, designating a facility, whether managed and operated by IHS, or one of its Tribal or Urban Indian partners, consistent with IHCIA, as approved for scholar obligated service payback.
3. Reporting
Scholarship Program Minimum Academic Requirements
It is the policy of the IHS that a scholarship awardee funded under the Indian Health Professions Scholarship Program of the IHCIA must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA, remain in good academic standing each semester/trimester/quarter, maintain full-time student status (Institutional definition of “minimum hours” constituting full-time enrollment applies) or part-time student status (Institutional definition of “minimum and maximum” hours constituting part-time enrollment applies) for the entire academic year, as indicated on the scholarship application submitted for that academic year. The Health Professions Scholarship awardee may not change his or her enrollment status between terms of enrollment during the same academic year. New recipients may not request a Leave of Absence during the first year of their funding. In addition to these requirements, a Health Professions Scholarship awardee must be enrolled in an approved/accredited school for a Health Professions degree.
An awardee of a scholarship under the IHS Health Professions Preparatory and Health Professions Pre-graduate Scholarship authority must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, remain in good standing each semester/trimester/quarter and be a full-time student (Institutional definition of “minimum hours” constituting full-time enrollment applies, typically 12 credit hours per semester) or a part-time student (Institutional definition of “minimum and maximum” hours constituting part-time enrollment applies, typically 6-11 credit hours). The Preparatory and Pre-graduate awardee may not change from part-time status to full-time status or vice versa in the same academic year. New recipients may not request a Leave of Absence during the first year of their funding.

The following reports must be sent to the IHSSP at the identified time frame. Each scholarship awardee will have access to an online Recipient Handbook and required program forms and instructions on when, how, and to whom these must be submitted, by logging into the IHSSP Web site at If a scholarship awardee fails to submit these forms and reports as required, they will be ineligible for continuation of scholarship support and scholarship award payments will be discontinued.
A. Recipient’s and Initial Progress Report

Within thirty (30) days from the beginning of each semester/trimester/quarter, scholarship awardees must submit a Recipient’s Initial Program Progress Report (Form IHS-856-8, found on the IHS Scholarship Program Web site at
B. Transcripts

Within thirty (30) days from the end of each academic period, i.e., semester/trimester/quarter, or summer session, scholarship awardees must submit an Official Transcript showing the results of the classes taken during that period.
C. Notification of Academic Problem

If at any time during the semester/trimester/quarter, scholarship awardees are advised to reduce the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled below the minimum of the 12 (or the number of hours considered by their school as full-time) for a full-time student or at least six hours for part-time students, or if they experience academic problems, they must submit this report (Form IHS-856-9, found on the IHS Scholarship Program Web site at
D. Change of Status
Change of Academic StatusScholarship awardees must immediately notify their Scholarship Program Analyst if they are placed on academic probation, dismissed from school, or voluntarily withdraw for any reason (personal or medical).
Change of Health DisciplineScholarship awardees may not change from the approved IHSSP health discipline during the school year. If an unapproved change is made, scholarship payments will be discontinued.
Change in Graduation DateAny time that a change occurs in a scholarship awardee’s expected graduation date, they must notify their Scholarship Program Analyst immediately in writing. Justification must be attached from the school advisor.

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