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You can, if you wish, class all science-fiction together; but it is about as perceptive as classing the works of Ballantyne, Conrad and W.  W.  Jacobs together as thesea-story and then criticizing _that_.”
— C. S. Lewis
 An Experiment in Criticism

We Tried The Mysterious New McDonald’s That Just Opened In Australia, And There Were No Big Macs In Sight

Paul Colgan/Business Insider AustraliaA 180 from the standard Egg McMuffin.McDonald’s has quietly transformed one of its McCafe outlets in Sydney into a restaurant called “The Corner” with

a new menu, new look, and new service style.
The company confirmed to Business Insider Australia that the cafe was a “learning lab” where it was “testing completely new and different food and beverages never before seen in our restaurants.”
It’s an encouraging sign from the fast food chain, which has long suffered from image problems amid declining sales.
The menu at The Corner includes “salads featuring Moroccan roast chicken breast, chipotle pulled pork, brown rice, pumpkin, lentil and eggplant salads, sandwiches and barista-made quality coffee,” a spokeswoman told us.
She wouldn’t share the next steps for the concept, but Paul Colgan, the editor-in-chief of Business Insider Australia stopped by on a recent morning to try the new McDonald’s cafe. He shared his photos with us; captions are his own.

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