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Miley Cyrus talks prioritising work over partying, new HIV campaign and being called a role model

Miley Cyrus has opened up about

her partying image, insisting her main priority is her work and admits she’s a role model for many people.

The controversial star
also revealed more about her new HIV campaign, saying in an interview with Good Morning America that she hopes it will change people’s perceptions of the disease.
Appearing in a black and white chequered jacket, she insisted her public image is ALL wrong.
She told the show: “I’m not the way that people try to make me seem, I don’t go around just trashing hotel rooms and partying. I’m actually working on music that I love and being involved in things that I love.”
Since THAT Wrecking Ball video, Miley has gone on to team up with MAC to launch a new lipstick to support HIV sufferers.


Opening up

Proceeds from the sales of the lipstick, which is bound to be a hit, will go to the MAC AIDS Fund charity.
She told the show: “I think empowering those even affected by HIV and to kind of give them this hope and know that there’s people out there that are fighting for them, and especially not just for the cure but to end this kind of stereotype.
“They think it’s fun for young people to get a lipstick and know it’s going to go to actually changing the way that their future is going to be.”
Miley also took the team to her local LGBT centre where she works with young adults, and immediately sat down to chat to the youngsters there.


In the LGBT centre

“People ask me if I’m a role model, and I can actually say that I am for what I know of what is important to teach people. And what is important to teach people, is that you can’t judge other people,” she said.Then opening up about finding love with Patrick Schwarzenegger, Miley was asked to spell his name, and she couldn’t. At all.Oh well, neither can most of us, we’ll let her off.

She also spoke about her nomination for a Grammy, and went on: “I’ll probably never get it, but I’m stoked about the nomination.”

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