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You Have to See to Believe What the TSA Agents Say They Found in Luggage Last Year

Who brings a gun to an airport?
A lot of people, apparently.
On Friday, the Transportation Security Administration released its “Year in Review” blog post for 2014.
According to the post, the TSA screened 653 million passengers at U.S. airports last year and discovered a plethora of dangerous items: hand grenades, fireworks, what appear to be prison shanks and more than 2,200

firearms — most of them loaded.
Image via Transportation Security Administration
Here’s a look at some of the guns the TSA said they intercepted:
Image via Transportation Security Administration
According to the TSA, airports in Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix were the No. 1, 2 and 3 airports for gun interceptions last year.
Here’s a look at what the TSA described as a “homemade avalanche control charge” that was confiscated from a passenger at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport:
Image via Transportation Security Administration
And here are the shank-style hidden knives of a Philadelphia International Airport passenger:
Image via Transportation Security Administration
The TSA also claimed to have discovered a replica Claymore anti-personnel mine in a checked bag in San Francisco:
Image via Transportation Security Administration
See more of the items on the TSA’s blog.
Commenters online reacted with skepticism to the TSA’s post.
“[A]ll those guns, and not a single one had anything to do with terrorism, and not a single one was a legitimate threat to aviation security,” reads one of the top anonymous comments on the TSA’s blog. “What a waste of tax dollars and time.”
Other commenters wondered if the TSA’s touted 2,212 recovered guns included the bust of a gun-smuggling ring, allegedly including Delta Air Lines employees, through which at least 153 guns were smuggled onto planes flying through the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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