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Geordie Shore girl Chloe November JUMPS onto neighbour’s car after wild night out in Newcastle

The Geordie Shore girls have been getting up to no good this week and here’s another wild mischievous beauty.

Newbie Chloe November got so hammered
during a recent night out she was snapped jumping onto a car belonging to one of her neighbours while still wearing her heels.
New photos shows the star leaving Bijoux nightclub in Newcastle on Saturday night after a painting the town red and being helped across the road by a pap after nearly getting run over.
The dark-haired beauty, wearing a leather jacket and a pair of navy Ellesse bottoms, then clambered onto a red car outside of her house and started performing some sort of ‘s**y dance’.

The Geordie girl in her doorway

Still wearing a pair of black heels, she flung her legs open and stuck her bum out in a number of poses before nearly tumbling onto the pavement in front of the snappers.
Chloe left a large dent in the roof of the car and threw her shoes off before crawling into her house, showing off a nice embarrassing wet patch on her bottoms. Cringe!
It seems this Geordie lass will do anything to get attention and is relishing her new life in the spotlight – but we hope she’s making enough dosh after damaging her neighbour’s car. She seemed to think the whole thing was hilarious as she stood giggling with her arms out and tried to balance on top of the vehicle.

Chloe on top of the car
The star looked pretty good earlier on in the night wearing a plunging white bralet top and black rubber trousers before things got messy and she changed into sporty see-through pants, showing she was in fact wearing a thong. Nice. Chloe isn’t the only member of the cast to end up in bother this week, after co-star Marnie Simpson was spotted sucking face with TOWIE’s Ricky Rayment just hours after gushing about boyfriend Dan Slone. The pair were snapped smooching at the NTAs after party at London’s DSTRKT nightclub on Wednesday night and she insisted the next day she was a “single girl”. It may of got messy at the club but at least she didn’t end up collapsing in her doorway with her dirty feet in the air. Oh, Chloe!


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