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Radio Broadcasting Services; AM or FM Proposals To Change the Community of License

The following applicants filed AM or FM proposals to change the community of license: Crawford, Charles E, Station NEW, Facility ID 191560, BMPH-20140929AAX, From Sonora, TX, To Christoval, TX; Everglades City Broadcasting Company, Inc., Station WBGY, Facility ID 47386, BPED-20140825ABL, From Naples, FL, To Everglades City, FL; Penfold Communications, Inc., Station KRTM, Facility ID 91840, BPED-20150113AAE, From Yucca Valley, CA, To Banning, CA; Rudex Broadcasting Limited Corporation, Station KSDT, Facility ID 36830, BP-20141124BHJ, From Hemet, CA, To Redlands, CA; Solid Rock Foundation, Station KBDW, Facility ID 176883, BPED-20141120AGW, From Wheeler, TX, To Lefors, TX; Sunrise Broadcasting, LLC, Station WILT, Facility ID 74159, BPH-20141119AAN, From Wilmington, NC, To Carolina Beach, NC.

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