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The moderation and virtue of a single character [i.e., George Washington] have probably prevented [the American] Revolution from being closed, as most others have been, by a subversion of that liberty it was intended to establish.”
— Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826) to George Washington
 , 1784.*nbsp; ME 4:218, Papers 7:106

American Voices: Disney Introduces First Hispanic Princess

     In a bid to appeal to Latino and Hispanic families, Disney announced it will debut its first Hispanic princess, Elena, in the animated Disney Junior show Elena Of Avalor. What do you think?“When Disney makes a princess for you, you know you’ve

made it as an ethnicity.”Derek Wilson
– Systems Analyst“Well, there goes my ‘it’s messed up there aren’t any Mexican Disney characters’ conservation starter.”Gabe Durdan
– Digital Manager“I’m sure Elena will still have a sanitized backstory and anglicized features where it counts.”Rebecca Peabody
– Fundraising Chair     

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