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Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements Under OMB Review

The Governor of the State, U.S.

territory or possession affected by a disaster submits this information collection to request that SBA issue a disaster declaration. The information identifies the time, place and nature of the incident and helps SBA to determine whether the regulatory criteria for a disaster declaration have been met, and disaster assistance can be made available to the affected region.

Solicitation of Public Comments:

Comments may be submitted on (a) whether the collection of information is necessary for the agency to properly perform its functions; (b) whether the burden estimates are accurate; (c) whether there are ways to minimize the burden, including through the use of automated techniques or other forms of information technology; and (d) whether there are ways to enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of the information.

Summary of Information Collections:

(1) Title: Disaster Business Application.

Description of Respondents: Governs Request for Disaster Declaration.

Form Number: N/A.

Estimated Annual Respondents: 31.

Estimated Annual Responses: 58.

Estimated Annual Hour Burden: 1,160.

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