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‘Foreigners dead’ in Libya oilfield

4 February 2015
Last updated at 21:53

Unknown gunmen have attacked a defunct Libyan oilfield leaving at least 13 people dead, five of them foreigners, the oilfield’s commander says.
The gunmen, possibly Islamists, seized control of the remote al-Mabruk oilfield south of Sirte on Tuesday night.
The oilfield, part-owned by the French company Total, has not produced oil for more than a year.
In 2013, Total said they had withdrawn all their staff from the oilfield.

Abdelhakim Maazab, commander of a force guarding the oilfield, told the BBC that three Filipinos and two Ghanaians were among the dead.
The eight Libyans who died were all guards. Four were killed in the initial attack and the rest were from among reinforcements called in to deal with the attack.
Col Maazab said the gunmen were “Islamic State people”.
They were no longer in control of the oilfield, he said, but had left stealing vehicles and other items.
Earlier reports said four foreigners had been kidnapped by the gunmen.
Last week IS said it had carried out an attack on the Corinthia hotel in Tripoli that killed nine people, including five foreigners.
In the past month there have been a number of attacks in western Libya that have been claimed by IS social media accounts.
It has not been clearly established whether these groups are IS fighters or people inspired by them.

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