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Founding Chairman of 9/11 Memorial Dies at 92

John Whitehead, the founding chairman of the National September 11 Memorial Museum, has died.

Whitehead was instrumental in rebuilding the World Trade Center site following the terrorist attacks. 

As chairman, he led the fundraising efforts and finalized the design of the Memorial and Museum.

He also helped get construction started. 

During his lifetime, Whitehead served during WWII, worked at Goldman Sachs, and served as deputy secretary of state under President Reagan. 

In a statement, members of the Memorial and Museum say in part, “What’s even more striking, given all that John accomplished, is that he was universally regarded as kind, thoughtful, and generous,We will forever keep this extraordinary man in our hearts and minds, and his contributions will always be a part of American history.”

John Whitehead was 92.


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