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‘I Can Tell You in 23 Years of Law Enforcement, I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’

Police in a small Wisconsin city say they were stunned by the images captured on a surveillance camera overlooking a store’s parking lot Friday afternoon.
“I can tell you in 23 years of law enforcement, I’ve never seen anything like this,” Mayville Police Chief Christopher MacNeill told WISN-TV.
Footage shows 92-year-old Russell Kerr slam into nine vehicles as he attempted to navigate his vehicle out of a parking lot.

“My first thought was, ‘You only see these situations when someone is trying to elude police or in incidents of road rage,’” MacNeill told WISN.
Authorities said that the man told them that “his foot got stuck on the accelerator” and he “panicked and lost control of his vehicle.”
The entire incident was ruled an accident and Kerr won’t be cited.
However, while police don’t have the power to revoke the man’s license, they say his case will be reported to the DMV.

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