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Kris Jenner talks Kylie’s new $2.7 million home: ‘She has her own vision for it’

Kris Jenner has dished the dirt on daughter Kylie’s new home. The house, which set the teen back a cool $2.7 million, is located in The Oaks neighborhood of Calabasas. According to reports, the building is already equipped with a home theater, a swimming pool, five bedrooms, and a huge kitchen.


Doing her own thing
However mum Kris has now revealed that

the accommodation might look drastically different by the time the 17-year-old moves into it in August. She told E! News: “You know she completely has her own style. “Kylie has her own vision on how she wants her home to look. She has a few months now until she moves in, to really take her time and get it together…so she will really embrace that time…and get really creative. Kylie is really excited!”

2kyliejenner / Instagram

Moving out
While it’s surely a big step for the brunette, she’ll only be round the corner from her siblings Khloe and Kourtney who both have their own homes close by. Despite the houses being in close proximity, Kris further revealed that they’ll look different because all her children have their own styles. She explained: “Kylie is more edgy. She likes more blacks and grays and Kim likes more cream colors. Kourtney is very neutral and Khloé is big on white colors. I like all of it like—thrown in a mush pot is my style! Kylie is definitely the edgy one.”


She’s certainly ‘edgy’
Kylie in the youngest member of the Kardashian Klan and often finds her life being put under the microscrope. Most recently her alleged romance with rapper Tgya has come under scrutiny by critics. Earlier this week her rumoured flame hit out at reports and said ‘it doesn’t matter what the world thinks’ during a radio interview.

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