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Meet the real naked chef: Woman cooks up a storm while TOPLESS to get men interested in good food

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If you struggle to find a reason to get in the kitchen – this might help: a naked chef.
An Argentinian woman has become an Internet sensation after posting videos of herself cooking while completely topless, which we are sure is a bit of a hazard.
Jenn likes to cook while just wearing her lacy pants and she covers her b***s with items of food- which rather cleverly stops her getting band from YouTube for being too racy.

The 24-year-old cook offers very simple “quick and simple recipes” after deciding she wanted to find a way to get men into cooking.
She said:”I had a male friend who only ever wanted to eat fast food, and it’s a problem many men have. But I want to show them that cooking is fun and to encourage more men to get involved in learning about recipes and preparation of food.
“I recorded the first one at a friend’s house because there was a good kitchen there and plenty of food, and it was really good fun.”

Jenn is now seriously considering a career as a presenter after building up a huge fan base.
And although the recipes usually work first time, the only difficulty she ever has is in the camera angles.
She says: “Sometimes we have to make sure we film the same scene a dozen times just to make sure everything is properly covered by food so that we don’t breach YouTube rules on nudity.
“But I don’t care, it’s really good fun making the videos and am really glad that they’ve gone down so well.”

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