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Perry ‘Alarmed’ By Obama Threat to Not Back Israel at UN

Former Texas governor Rick Perry said he was “alarmed” by reports the Obama administration is considering not supporting the state of Israel at the United Nations. Perry, who may run for president in 2016, said he urged Obama to “turn away from such a path.””I am alarmed by reports that the Obama administration is contemplating a move away from America’s long record of support for Israel in

the United Nations,” said Perry in an emailed statement. “I urge the president to turn away from such a path. The United States should be strongly committed to our ally Israel and to promoting policies that protect our shared interests. Israel’s new government will continue to face the same major security concerns the last one faced – Iran’s nuclear weapons program and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Those are not partisan issues in Israel and should not be partisan issues in the United States.”
An anonymous White House official first made the suggestion to Politico that the Obama adminstration might not so steadfastly support the Jewish state at the UN, where member states have attempted to charge Israel with international crimes or place the country under economic sanctions. The U.S., with its UN Security Council veto, has often been a lone voice of support for Israel in that body.
In addition to Perry, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has criticized the Obama administration’s signaling on backing off its support for Israel.

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