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Fox News Panelist Explodes Over Starbucks Story: ‘There Is No Discussion Needed on Race!’

To talk to a barista about race relations in the U.S., or not to talk to a barista about race relations in the U.S.? That is the question.
Host Eric Bolling tackled the furor over Starbucks’ “Race Together” initiative on his Fox News show “Cashin’ In” on Saturday, and while Bolling and several panelists were cautiously approving of Starbucks’ push, one panelist disagreed

so strongly he practically started shouting.
First, Bolling interviewed people on the street, getting the mixed reviews from ordinary Americans, before talking to Juan Williams who praised the idea that “real people” — rather than the “Al Sharptons” and “provocateurs” of the world — could discuss racial issues and hopefully find common ground and make progress.
But not everyone was so keen on the idea.
“There is no discussion needed on race!” exclaimed the sometimes-too-aggressive Jonathan Hoenig.
He said he resents the notion that “America is this racist country, that we somehow have to remedy [racism] through chit-chat at Starbucks,” and he went on to propose his solution to racial tension:

Stop identifying by your race! You’re not responsible for things that came before you, and you’re not entitled to things that came before you! There’s no discussion needed on race in this country, and the ones who want the discussion, in my opinion, are the racists.

Watch the whole thing below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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