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Check out some of the insanely fancy supercars spotted at Goldman Sachs Asia

@GSElevatorPeople in Hong Kong love their supercars… and their vanity plates. Just watch this. (This is also one of my favorites.) So why would the employees of Goldman Sachs be any different? Good news, they’re not.
We spent five minutes (literally one lap) last week driving through the parking garage at Cheung Kong Center, home of Goldman Sachs Asia, and here are just a few of the highlights.
The premise is more light-hearted and whimsical than it is literal exposé – I have no idea who these cars actually belong to. Although Goldman Sachs is the largest occupant in Cheung Kong, other

tenants include Jefferies, RBS, BlackRock, and of course, Li Ka Shing, who has an indoor pool and private garden on the top floor.
Click here to jump right to the cars
The amazing thing is that, as is customary in the region, most senior bankers are chauffeur driven (A Filipino driver costs a mere $1,500 a month), so this isn’t even the most accurate (or ostentatious) reflection of reality.
Just to put this slideshow into perspective, you need to understand how much more expensive luxury cars are in Asia. According to Mercedes Benz, a new S600 sedan that runs $166,900 in the US will set you back $386,000 in Hong Kong – or 21 years of servitude for a Pilipino chauffeur.

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