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Many laws as certainly make bad men, as bad men make many laws.”
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‘End cuts and rebalance economy’

Leanne Wood wants Wales to have similar funding and powers to scotland

Plaid Cymru will use its influence in a hung parliament to “unleash Wales’ economic potential”, party leader Leanne Wood has said.The party launches its general election manifesto on Tuesday, and has already announced plans to negotiate jointly with the SNP and the Greens. All three parties have already ruled out supporting a Tory government.Plaid wants similar funding and powers to Scotland, an end to cuts, and a “rebalancing” of the UK economy.”The four Westminster leaders offer us nothing more than further swingeing cuts to our public services and no commitment to securing an economic recovery for all,” Ms Wood said.Plaid has said that giving Wales the same level of public spending per head as scotland for devolved services would result in an extra £1.2bn a year for the Welsh government.

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