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Photos Capture the Stunning Moment Stray Dogs Showed Up to Funeral of Woman Who Fed Them

Family and friends weren’t the only ones showing up to the funeral for a woman in Mexico a couple of weeks ago.
According to Digital Urrutia North (via an unofficial translation), Margarita Suarez was “given to animals” and fed stray dogs and up to 20 feral cats in her community. Some of these animals came to mourn at her funeral.

#Stray #dogs show

up at #Mexican #funeral for woman who used to feed them @Amandashoeno1
— Noah Fairbanks (@NoahFairbanks) March 30, 2015

Suarez recently moved in with her daughter in Merida, Yucatan, when her health went downhill, but the newspaper reported that she died only 10 days later.
“Every time I saw a dog in the street meant coming home to feed,” Suarez’s son told Digital Urrutia North.
Before Suarez’s body was taken for cremation, the newspaper reported her son saying the dogs, though “in pain,” “jumped for joy.”
This isn’t the first time the bond between dogs and their human friends has been exhibited at their death. A few years ago, a dog kept watch over the casket of a fallen Navy SEAL and another dog kept going to the church where his owner’s funeral had taken place.
(H/T: Mirror, Misiones Online)

Front page image via Shutterstock.

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