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Rumor: Comedy Central tried to get Amy Poehler, Louis CK, and Amy Schumer for ‘Daily Show’ job

YouTubeGrantland’s Bill Simmons seems to have a scoop regarding why “The Daily Show” hired 31-year-old relative newcomer Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart instead of a big name.
Simmons tweeted to his 3.47 million followers following Monday’s Comedy Central announcement:

Heard Comedy Central pursued 3 big-a*s names for Daily Show: Poehler, Louis CK, Schumer. Went 0 for 3. Young/cheap/upside was smart audible. — Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) March 30, 2015

Simmons followed up by tweeting:

PS: I don’t think Poehler or CK was realistic, but had CC caught Schumer a year earlier – very realistic. Now she knows she can make movies. — Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) March 30, 2015

Most people seemed to disagree with Simmons’ “very realistic” report about Amy Schumer possibly taking “The Daily Show” host job.
After Jon Stewart announced he would be leaving “The Daily Show” back in February, Amy Poehler, Louis C.K., and Amy Schumer’s names were all widely tossed around as possible replacements.
Salon wrote at the time of Amy Poehler: “If she wants the job, it’s probably hers,”

explaining that logistically the timing would be perfect. “‘Parks and Recreation’ is coming to an end this month, so Poehler is free. She has an incredible amount of anchor cred from her years co-hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’s ‘Weekend Update’ and knows how to deliver absurd punchlines with a disarming twinkle in her eye. Poehler also has that wacky best-friend quality that would give the interview segments an unpredictable appeal.”
NBC/”Saturday Night Live”Salon also praised Louis CK as a potential replacement, writing that he has “precision timing, an Everyman affability, and is one of the finest comedic minds of his generation.” But, noted Salon, “Would he give up his groundbreaking FX show for the demands of hosting ‘The Daily Show?’ He’d be brilliant, but Louie is best when he’s exploiting his own human foibles for laughs.”
KC Bailey/FX/”Louie”As for Amy Schumer, The Hollywood Reporter noted that “Comedy Central could also promote from within in a different way by moving Amy Schumer to ‘The Daily Show'” from her successful ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ show on the network.
While Simmons argued that Schumer didn’t want “The Daily Show” gig because she “knows she can make movies, the comedian only has one film in the works, due out in July. 
Comedy Central/”Inside Amy Schumer”Stewart doesn’t yet have a specific departure date, only saying “later this year.”
But as LaughSpin notes, “None of this takes away from Trevor Noah being a great choice to fill the ‘Daily Show’ host chair. He’s a fresh young face with international acclaim on the cusp of exploding here in the United States. He will give the show a different outsider perspective, not unlike John Oliver.”
Jon Stewart is also excited about his replacement, saying: “I’m thrilled for the show and for Trevor. He’s a tremendous comic and talent that we’ve loved working with. In fact, I may rejoin as a correspondent just to be a part of it!”

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