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Apple invented a new type of touchscreen for the Apple Watch — here’s one thing you’ll be able to do with it (AAPL)

AppleThe Apple Watch will come with a new type of touchscreen Apple is calling Force Touch. This means the watch’s screen will not only be able to tell where you’re tapping, but tell how hard you’re pressing too.
Apple’s website explains how the Force Touch feature works,

but now we have a better idea of what you’ll actually be able to do with it.
Christy Turlington Burns, the model and athlete that’s been promoting the Apple Watch, wrote about how she used the Force Touch feature on the watch in a new blog post on Apple’s website. Blog Apple Insider first spotted the post.
You’ll be able to change the color of animated emojis by simply pressing the screen. 
“The faces are the best because they’re so expressive. If you press the screen, you can change the color,” Turlington writes. 
Apple put a lot of thought into how the screen on the Apple Watch should be different than that of an iPhone or iPad. Jony Ive, Apple’s chief designer, told The New Yorker in an interview that Apple used deeper and darker blacks for the Apple Watch’s screen compared to that of the iPhone.
As for the Force Touch feature, we’ll have to wait until the Apple Watch launches to learn more about what it can do. Apple is using the same type of technology in its newest MacBook, and 9to5Mac spent time playing with it to uncover a bunch of its features.

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