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James Corden admits he’s no match for David Beckham when it comes to posing in pants

James Corden has admitted he needed a little help when posing in his underwear alongside David Beckham.
The Late Late Show host, 36, got the ex-footie star to strip for a mock pants advert on his US show last month.
But Corden said: “He did not have to stuff. I did. I am a stuffer. That is the truth. He is all natural. David was a great sport and played it brilliantly.”
Before the final pose, Corden deadpans (and nails) the catchphrase: “DJ Briefs: It’s underwear for a man with a great body… and David Beckham.”
The pair juggle busy careers and family, though dad-of-two Corden said he “learned

the hard way” not to complain of tiredness during wife Julia’s second pregnancy last year.
He said: “Having a child changes the way you look at the world. Having a pregnant wife changes the way you look at the world particularly the second time.
“There are just things you cannot say to your pregnant wife like, ‘I am tired’. Genuinely I learned this the hard way.


“Honestly I came home one day and laid immediately out on the sofa, and went ‘Oh God, I am just exhausted’, my wife looked at me in only the way a wife can when they inhale through their nose and she just went ‘Are you?’
“Are you feeling tired..what is it you have done today?’
“And I said ‘oh God I have had to have a breakfast meeting and then I had that wardrobe fitting and then I had to go to that gifting suite that was miles away’, and she went ‘yeah that sounds exhausting.’
“And she went ‘Do you know what I have done today? I have grown eye lashes inside my stomach.
“‘I have formed a human beating heart six inches below my own – shut your mouth and go and get me some chocolate’.”
And he shared advice from his uncle Robert, who warned Corden not to “go down and watch” his wife giving birth.
He added: “It is like watching your favourite pub burn down. You know they’ll do it up but it won’t be the same.”

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