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Tom Cruise was terrified hanging from a plane for Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise was “scared s***less” when he hung off a plane for a Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation stunt.
The action movie star is known for doing his own dangerous scenes, but he was still left terrified as he swung in a harness for the upcoming blockbuster.
Speaking at CimenaCon on Tuesday, he said: “I was actually scared s***less.”

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The actor opened up about the adrenaline-fueled stunt, and revealed he was attached by a harness which left him shaking “against the plane”.
He explained: “I was in a harness, on my side, that was kind of loose so you can see the vibration of my body against the plane.”

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Is the seatbelt sign switched on?

The scene definitely wasn’t without its risks, and Tom actually “got hit” by a bit of debris – even though efforts were made to clear the area of anything that could hurt him.
He added: “I got hit by just a little particle. I literally thought it broke my ribs.”
The stunt saw imf agent Ethan Hunt – played by Cruise – utting himself in peril again with the teaser trailer showing him being tortured, racing for his life in a motorcycle chase and clinging on to the side of a flying plane.

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Clinging on

While it may be a pretty standard day for Hunt, in the fifth film in the hugely successful series, he’s taking on The Syndicate, an anti-imf trained in the same way IMF agents were, just for the side of evil.
Avengers actor Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Alec Baldwin will all star in the movie alongside Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson and Zhang Jingchu.
Hanging from the side of a plane, Cruise defied death last year as he shot the scene involving the plane – without a stunt man.

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