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Katy Perry fails to get Left Shark trademark after bid to cash in on clumsy Super Bowl dancer

Katy Perry has tried and failed to trademark ‘Left Shark’. The pop singer was hoping to sell merch of the shark – a backing dancer who rose to fame due to it’s poor dancing during her Super Bowl half time show. Unfortunately the U.S Trademark Office rejected her requested saying not enough people would immediately make the connection between the Left Shark and her now infamous performance. Oh dear. For those of you who don’t remember the Left Shark become a viral sensation back in February when the dancer appeared to

title="View all articles about forget here">forget their moves on stage. Not long after designer Fernando Sosa decided to try and cash in on the character and uploaded a 3D model of the fishy character to Shapeways, a site that lets you 3D print a whole range of products on demand. But KP’s laywers were not happy and sent him a cease and desist letter demanding it was taken down. They argued that the shark is Katy’s intellectual property and that Sosa is infringing her copyright. They also threatened further legal action if Shapeways fails to comply. At the time we spoke to Pinsent Mason lawyer Iain Connor about whether the Left Shark would be protected under UK law, and he said it’s “unlikely”. And he was right. Now anyone can do what they want with the Left Shark who is popping up all over the place. Katy even found him at Coachella – posing a for a picture. The shark has also got a role in video game World of Warcraft. Seriously.

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