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I found while driving in Wyoming that wearing a stetson and driving a beat-up pickup meant you could go as fast as you like, while the police picked up Californian winnebagos that went one mph over 55.  After all, they wanted to bring money into the state, not merely circulate it.”
— Terry Pratchett

Professor Green mocks people who take selfies with pouty picture but isn’t that what wife Millie does A LOT?

Rapper Professor Green has taken a swipe at people who take selfies all the time. Pro – real name Stephen Paul Manderson – uploaded a snap of himself pouting away, writing: “Is this how you selfie? Is there enough pout? #gof***yourselfie” However fans were quick to point out that taking selfies is something his wife Millie Mackintosh does on a near daily basis.

Instagram / camillamackintosh

Millie takes a swimsuit selfie

class="StrictlyAutoTagAnchor" href="" title="View all articles about Instagram here">Instagram user wrote back to him: “Dunno ask your missus @professorgreen.” The rapper is currently in the UK while his MIC wife is on another holiday – this time in Ibiza with Laura Whitmore. But he’s been keeping busy and last night filmed Celebrity Juice which will air this evening.


Pro’s wife Millie loves a selfie
He showed his fun side by dressing up as Jim Carey’s character in the Mask. Uploading a picture of himself with Holly during filming, writing: “Holly Willoughby and me on tomorrows Celeb Juice. Keith’s 32th birthday. Don’t miss it!” Holly is dressed as Patsy while Ferne Cotton dressed as Edina for the special celebrating Keith Lemon’s 32 birthday. The episode will also see Keith as Wolverine, Gino D’Acampo as Robin, Gok Wan as Psy, and Charlotte Crosby as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.


And she also likes to pout a fair bit


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