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John Bolton: No Hillary Clinton or Rand Paul for President

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton has not decided whom he will support for president, but he knows whom he won’t.
Bolton, who served in the position under President George W. Bush, said he would work to ensure that neither former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, nor Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul becomes president.
“National security needs to be at the center of debate,” Bolton told TheBlaze. “For the last six and a half years there has been inadequate debate on the threats we face.”
(AP Photo/Dennis Cook)
He will be pushing his super PAC and a separate organization, Foundation for American Security and Freedom, to make national security a more paramount issue.
“Hillary Clinton does

not have sound judgment,” Bolton told TheBlaze. “She is an ideological twin to President Obama. The majority of Republican candidates for presidential candidates are in the right direction. I want to see them elaborate on their good judgment.”
As for Paul, Bolton understands the senator’s appeal to conservatives on domestic issues but argued his opposition to the Patriot Act and unwillingness to take action abroad could put the United States in a precarious situation.
“His views are contrary to the conservative and tea party movement,” Bolton said. “There is a lot of support for him on domestic issue, but would lead us down the wrong path on national security.”
Bolton considered a presidential run in 2016 himself but opted against it. His political action committee contributed to 87 House and Senate candidates in the 2014 election cycle. He hasn’t decided if his organizations would endorse a candidate in the Republican primary or wait until the general election.
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