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When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to it’s subjects, ’this you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,‘ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives.”
— Robert A. Heinlein

Man kills 3 driving into crowd in Austria — on purpose, authorities say

(CNN)Three people have died and dozens more are injured after a man drove into a crowd — on purpose, the local

href="" title="View all articles about government here">government says — in the Austrian city of Graz.The 26-year-old male driver intentionally used his vehicle as a weapon, the Graz City Council said in a statement.Roman Sommershsacher, a spokesman for the Austrian city’s government, said the man drove through Graz’s inner city — including into a place where cars are not normally allowed — trying to hit people.In addition to the three killed, at least 34 have suffered injuries, Sommershsacher said. Ten of those injured are considered serious, while one person is in critical condition.

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