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 The Rights of Man, 1792

Chevy just put out a press release entirely in emoji — and no one has any idea what it means

Chevy is trying to appeal to a younger generation of buyers. And what better way than to co-opt the pictographic language of youth? 
Ahead of the reveal of the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze, GM put out a press release composed entirely of emoji. No words — only pictures. They’ve even inserted their own “bow

tie” logo emoji for the release.
Chevy is encouraging intrepid readers to attempt to decode the news ahead of the real announcement on Tuesday. Some of the pictograms are pretty clear (happy face/heart/car is pretty clear) but some are decidedly not (plus sign/gas pump/right arrow/basketball?)
“Because emoji is international in its adoption, we wanted to have fun and be irreverent with our audience,” said Craig Daitch, Chevy’s senior manager for social media. “The release is the first piece of a week-long narrative featuring emoji.”
Are you emoji-literate enough to decipher it?

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