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President and first lady joke, banter with White House intruders

President and Mrs. Obama are flanked by Daphnye Shell, left, of Peggs, Oklahoma, and Kennedi Pridget, right, of Maryland, during the first-ever White House Campout June 30, 2015, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC.(Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images)The president and first lady decided to practice a new kind of security tactic when they ran into about 50 intruders on the White House South Lawn Tuesday night.They joined them.About 50 Girl Scouts were making themselves at home on the White House South Lawn, sitting around a makeshift campfire of electric lanterns, when

the Obamas showed up.”What are you guys doing in my yard?” the president demanded of the giggling interlopers, who are fourth-graders. “When did you guys show up?”But instead of rallying the Secret Service to give the little girls the boot onto Pennsylvania Avenue, President and Mrs. Obama parked themselves on separate bales of hay and bantered about with the little security risks. The girls sang camping songs, the first couple listening.The president told the scouts that they sounded “pretty good” and asked if the noticed that Mrs. Obama was “rocking out.”USA TODAYMichelle Obama shows us how she gets fitApparently, the encounter became so electric and heartfelt that the campfire leader was moved to suggest the president was “our sister too.” The president corrected her. The Girl Scout cleaned up her statement, telling the president he is “very in touch with your feminine side. That’s what makes you so wonderful.”On a more serious note, the president hailed the campout, saying it would help young people understand that being outside in nature was more important than sitting inside and watching TV. The first lady’s office called the event the first ever White House campout. It s part of Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to combat childhood obesity. Let’s Move Outside is an offshoot of the Let’s Move campaign and is designed to get young people to exercise more outdoors. The girls were to spend the night on the lawn in tents. They are from Girl Scout councils in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington and Oklahoma. They also were to take part in rock climbing, tying knots and pitching tents.While the girls were preparing for their night of activity, the president said he unfortunately couldn’t remain for all the fun and games.”I’ve got to work. I’m not allowed to have fun,” President Obama told the group, who then gave him a group hug.Contributing: The Associated Press

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