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[Those who] thought more could still be obtained and borne… did not weigh the hazards of a transition from one form of government to another, the value of what they had already rescued from those hazards and might hold in security if they pleased, nor the imprudence of giving up certainty of such a degree of liberty under a limited monarch, for the uncertainty of a little more under the form of a republic.”
— Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826) to Lafayette
 1815. ME 14:246

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Letter of Support: The LEARN Act

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Immigration Admendment Farce

Cruz is absolutely correct.  The immigration legislation is so voluminous that it is impossible to know what is included in the proposed law. In the National Review Online, Andrew C. McCarthy :You cannot have a functioning democratic republic when the laws are so voluminous no one can know what the law is.  ….  Washington has made a farce of the legislative process and of the once proud boast that we are ”a

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"Final" Deadline Arrives for Health Insurance Exchanges, Majority of States Still Resisting ObamaCare

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Governor Nikki Haley on Health Care: Part Three

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Ask Your Representatives to Support H.R. 444

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Cut Government Spending – No Tax Increases

Immorally, the enormous spending committed by Bush II and Obama as well as our expanding debt will be paid by future workers.  My grandchildren and all other working Americans will owe this debt.  Wrongfully, their personal freedom and standard of living will suffer and decline because of the debt we're causing today.Presently, President Obama and Representative Paul Ryan have opposing agendas on spending.  Obama and the Democrats are calling for “a balanced

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Key Vote YES on the Portman “End Government Shutdowns” Amendment to H.R. 325

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Key Vote YES on the Toomey “Full Faith and Credit Act” Amendment to H.R. 325

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